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Michelle Krieg

It’s a cold day, pouring with rain and I make my way to the Adelaide hills to meet Michelle.  As soon as I meet Michelle, I am taken by her warm smile and welcoming manner. She shows me around her home and we talk about life, love and family. She is the type of person you meet whom you feel you’ve known all of your life.

Michelle was born in Adelaide but spent six years of her childhood in the highlands of Papua New Guinea where her father was a doctor. It doesn’t surprise me when she tells me that she has lifelong friends from her time in PNG and a mountain of fond memories.  The next three years were spent in England and then it was time to settle back in Australia.

Following high school, teaching was Michelle’s calling and she has been doing this since 1993. …

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* A Global Gal. Citizen of the world. Student of Life. * Mission: to do my bit to make the world a better place. * A former BBC-TV Producer/ Director. I made inspirational educational programs and DISCOVERY documentaries in London. * After 11 yrs as BBC staff, I wanted to fly free. I still freelance in Film and TV, but am also creating my own uplifting, inspiring and enlightening content. * I moved from Australia to London, then moved to the quiet English countryside. And I now live in California. * My production co: * A published Writer & Celebrity Ghost-writer/ Biographer. * Developing an inspirational website ( and series of non-fiction films and books for the 'Enlighten Me...' brand. I'm interviewing experts, celebs and people from all walks of life on Life Lessons. Until the site is built you can find me here: and on Wordpress. * I love promoting people and their cause and/or talents. * Hobby: Craft-making / Gifts. * Launched the 'Enlighten Me...' chocolate bar with secret scroll messages inside: Gifts that aim to comfort, uplift and inspire! Eventually will not only offer Web-TV, but also have an online gift shop, showcasing talent, and other brands and sponsors. * Looking forward to working with a lovely big team to help me with my whopping big vision!

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