Patience. Some things just take time…


If the lady in your life doesn’t quite understand how you’re feeling, whether it’s moving on after divorce/ a past relationship, job loss, or healing from health challenges, [including stress], or if you’ve just had a bad day, try playing this ‘Take That’ song…

Sometimes all that’s needed is a little patience…

BBC Radio ran a special show today on the healing power of music and this was one of the tunes featured on the list.

This song is also a great reminder to not be so hard on ourselves.

Sometimes, things just take time.


Can you enlighten me… do you have an inspirational story where patience paid off? 

Is there any music you play that helps you get through tough times? 

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  1. Wow, no need for a break-up, or a rough patch, this songs expresses how I feel at times when I need a bit of “me” time away from my wife and sons which I don’t get enough of….. I wish my wife would understand sometimes I just want my own company to re-charge my batteries and do a bit of sanity top-up…..
    Now I have saved this song as one of my favourites because expresses how I feel perfectly, it validates the way I feel at times which is neither positive or negative, it just is…. Thank you so much…..

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  2. Thanks for your comment Louis! Yeah, the group ‘Take That’ got this song pretty spot on it seems. I’m sure there are a lot of men (and some women too) who totally feel the same way as you, needing their space. I think this is why back yard ‘SHEDS’ are so popular!! I reckon we all need to give each other some space sometimes. And just come out to play again in one’s own time.

    I had a feeling that this song would resonate with someone – just had an impulse to share it today. It’s great getting feedback, knowing that something has made a connection. 🙂


  3. PS, I have had to learn Patience… (I’ll be writing about that at some point). And there have been times when this song has made me stop and think about a man’s perspective.


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