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Hi there,

Welcome to the blog for “Enlighten Me…TV”® !  My name is Myfanwy – that’s a Welsh name, but I’m actually an Aussie !

Please bare with me while I get accustomed to WordPress and start to upload content.

I’m in the process of developing an inspirational website, (which includes a ‘Web TV’ channel), and a series of Videos & books titled ‘Enlighten Me…®.  I’m also curating other people’s films and other content from across the globe with a view to this project becoming a real community.

MY MISSION: to find words of wisdom and…

‘Life Lessons worth sharing’! 


  To uplift,  inspire & empower…(& enlighten)!

The SUBJECT matter…

‘Life, love… and all that really matters!’

(and everything in between)

I have many aims for this project.  ‘Enlighten Me…’®  is on a quest for knowledge.  Asking the big, universal questions in life, aswell as everyday subjects, and exploring answers and solutions with practical ‘how-to’ strategies, tools, skills, resources,  timeless words of wisdom,  fresh insights and inspiring new ideas.   We’ll look at navigating our way through life’s journey on a wide range of subjects from; ‘how to find a meaningful career path’ to  ‘how-to communicate in relationships’.  Aswell as remedies for heart and soul, to comfort and reassure, from: healing heartbreak – to  ‘how-to’ Keep Calm and Carry On.  The kind of subjects they didn’t teach us at school!  That is, how to survive life’s emotional ups and downs – from our darkest nights to the times that make up light up inside.  Interviews with experts and people from all walks of life,  will be refreshingly honest and relevant. These are films with a Big Heart, with substance, and without sensationalism. And a depth and duration we don’t normally see on mainstream TV. There’s a lot of information out there, but I believe: we can still dive deeper and that we’re missing the ‘how-to’s, and much more.

The website will also be a hub of inspiration and resources for following your Passions, fulfilling Potential, and to showcase Talent. The intention:  encouraging you and everyone to enlighten the world with your own brand of magic!   (I just love success stories and promoting good people and good causes).  There will be an ever-flowing source of confidence boosters.

At its heart, ‘Enlighten Me…’ will be a guiding light for becoming who you want to be, the way you want to feel, and where you want to go. And that includes a better world, made up of caring communities.

‘Enlighten Me…’ will aim to be a constant Companion. An empowering, yet gentle, Mentor. And a life-affirming presence.  Celebrating life in all its wonder and meaning,  in all our collective moments of enlightenment. It’s a place to 1) share Private Worlds –   so others know they’re not alone in their experience.  2) Open Up a New Window on Your World –  to discover new ideas, solutions and pathways,  3) Enlighten the World –  sharing your unique talents and gifts,  your voice and your message. To contribute, make your mark, and make a difference in the bigger picture!

While advice from various  ‘schools of thought’ are useful and helpful,  ‘Enlighten Me…’  will also acknowledge that many people find their own answers.  After all, many of the ‘greats’ had their ‘moments of enlightenment’ and came to their own conclusions while alone!  So these kind of stories will also be included as inspiration. But, we are social creatures, and I sincerely believe there is a need for support, to know we’re not alone, and to connect people to reliable information,  whether it’s a little tip pointing a Graduate or a Single Mum towards the right business resources for them, or a helping hand for Men to understand what they’re feeling during challenging times such as divorce, bereavement, or job loss.  I believe there is a demand for ‘life-skills’ and information that offers hope,  presented in a warm, compassionate, and non-patronising way.

I also believe that many people are soul searching.  ‘Enlighten Me…’ will voice the kinds of questions we quietly ask ourselves,  and the ones that we have yet to admit to ourselves. The issues we may try to deflect, deny or postpone. Yet they niggle at our very core, until we realise we’re not alone in the experience, or until we’re ready to explore solutions.  Self knowledge, self worth, grappling with doubts, fears,  insecurities, quandries over which step to take,  not knowing how to deal with situations or feelings, inner longings,  feeling down and alone, being true to your heart – all these complexities of being human will be covered with honesty. ‘Enlighten Me…’ will endeavour to offer some clarity. And the beauty of this project, is that even the most private person can come to the site and the films, and not have to divulge anything, and they will find stories of others who feel like they do, or overcame what they’re experiencing.

Beyond this, in the bigger picture, there are many social ills, and I would like ‘Enlighten Me…’ to shine a light on solutions and the Change-makers.

Website & Community

The website,  will be a handy  ‘one stop shop’ with a Directory of subjects –  to find what you’re looking for quickly.  A bank of knowledge and inspiration.  And most importantly, I see it as an inclusive, collective space. Content is not just from ‘experts’. ‘Enlighten Me…’ will be a meeting place where everyone can share their own wisdom, life lessons, tips and stories.   So we’re all supporting, encouraging and enlightening each other. A real egalitarian community, with a sense of ownership for taking care of others.

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual…

 so the least we can do is to learn from those who’ve ‘been there’.

Everyone has life experience and skills, or just a fresh viewpoint that can inspire, encourage, or help somebody else –  whatever their age.

My vision for the website design is a very unique, warm and inviting, virtual sanctuary –  full of beautiful, colourful artwork, graphics and photos, videos, music, poetry etc. – the language that speaks to heart and soul, and connects us all. It will be a portal and a catalyst to take a look at ourselves, explore our inner world, and how we fit into the wider world. So in addition to information and inspiration, it will be an enchanting place to pause, ponder and dream. A place to find some peace.

So all in all, a nourishing, nurturing,  safe haven where people can come to explore what’s on their mind (and in their heart), open up their world, and blossom! Or just help support others to do so…

And then there’s surprise treats to entertain, amuse, relax, and delight.  Something for everybody!

My Next Steps:

1) Find help to build the website. 2) Find sponsorship for the film productions  3) Build a team from around the world who are excited by this idea:)

I have already started filming a few ‘tasters’ of enlightening ‘talking head’ interviews with celebrities, experts & authors, entrepreneurs, artists, and people from all walks of life –  of varying ages.  And I’m starting to curate content, including  ‘user-generated’ videos and articles.

I realize this is a very big vision and a long term project, but I’m committed every step of the way (as it comes straight from the heart). I’m just starting out, and welcome you to come along for the journey. I’d appreciate any support or contributions, in any form, including stories, and skills!

This is not about me.  I’m just the initiator and facilitator, a person with a vision, and someone who enjoy turning ideas into reality. I’m someone who just wants to see others happy, and help them feel less alone in their experience. And I’m a Film and TV  Producer who would prefer to bring this idea into the world via an independent route, in order for content to be widely accessible, inclusive, and to be produced lovingly,  sensitively and honestly.  (Albeit the more challenging route). My background is in making educational programz at the BBC in London,  so I have a long track record in this area (lived my dream). In fact, I’ll tell you a little more background…  I created a BBC Talk Show for teens called ‘Youth Nation’ to give young people a voice on issues of concern to them, and to discuss solutions. I divided up the 12 part talk show series into 3 sub-titles I named; 1) Private Worlds    2) Open Up Your World 3) Change the World. (From the intimate, to the big picture).  The subjects really resonated with young audiences, so as you can see, this project is an extension of the vision I had back then. But this time, there can be more content and involvement from ‘the people’, of all ages, and be global. (Think global, act local!)

I intend to build a team to let it grow, and for ‘Enlighten Me…’ to evolve and take on a life of its own. I would like this project to ultimately be an expression of Passion, shared values, and People Power.  And to always base choices on my mantra; Follow Your Heart!  I also plan for Enlighten Me… to really get involved, and ‘Give back’. I know that term is bandied about a lot, but once it’s up and running, it is my intention for the project to contribute to charitable funds and work in partnership with causes, to actively participate in solutions, beyond inspirational content.

I will be starting a Crowd-Sourcing Platform, but if you feel inclined to make a Donation, of whatever size, to go towards funding web-developers and graphic designers, Camera crews and editors, to support this vision and help move it all forward, donations can be received with a credit of thanks on films and the website’s wall of fame, (with transparent accountability),  via Paypal here:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

For now, if you have content to help enlighten others (such as a video blog), or if you’d like to offer your skills, (e.g art, camera-work, editing etc),  I’d love to hear from you.

Here is the Enlighten Me… TV Logo to date…

Black TV logo clean


And this is me in my homeland, taken at Bondi Beach, Sydney…

Myf photo Bondi

Oh and here’s a little more info and links:


Twitter: @myfanwymarshall and @EnlightenMe_TV






🙂  Myfanwy

16th March, 2014

PS.  I’d be very grateful if you could please take a moment to fill in this poll, to help with market research and my quest to gather sponsorship for productions…. Can you please enlighten me…?

  1. I like your mission and it is a very nice one. I pray God to connect you to sponsors who will see the glory of God in whatever you do in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Myfanwy, what a mission and purpose you have outlined here! I’m impressed and pray that it all comes together for the good that you wish to spread. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and offer your encouragement!!
    Best wishes, Myfanwy


  4. Hi Myfanwy,

    You have a beautiful project there! Just in case: There is a wonderful and visionary entrepreneurial community at fizzle.co. It’s a great place to find inspiration and super helpful support for different aspects of your project. Let me know if you join there and if I can do anything for you.



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