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A 1 minute tip from the Creator of NETFLIX


Here’s 1 minute of inspiration from the brilliant entrepreneur who came up with the idea for NETFLIX: Co-Founder, Marc Randolph…

His big tip: TAKE A RISK. ….

…on your dream.

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Life Lessons from Reese Witherspoon

Hi there,

In this video Reese Witherspoon, star of new film WILD, talks starting over, believing in yourself, self esteem, grief, loss, letting go, and letting it all out. And even, how we sometimes repress and take on the emotions of others.

An enlightening and touching interview from “60 Minutes” about her life journey, including taking her career back into her own hands, taking a stand for women, and working on projects that really matter:

Do you relate to any of her emotional experiences? Have you seen her latest film WILD?


20 years from now? [6 min Video]


There’s nothing quite like a handmade gift, or a hand written note or card. The ‘letter’ used to represent a piece of the person sending the greeting. In today’s computerised culture, and arguably ‘what’s in it for me?’ society, this video is an amazing story of a teacher who tracks down students and returns the letters he got them to write – to themselves – 20 years beforehand.

Did they live out their dreams?

What an enlightened idea and teacher!

Could you write a letter to yourself to read in 1 or 5 years time? Or send a handwritten letter to someone special?


Looking for Work? [7 min video]

Hi there,

Are you looking for work?

Well, the wisdom in the following 7 minutes might make all the difference…

Enlightened Entrepreneur, Tim Fargo, in his video blog below, offers you some vital life lessons on how to find a job by targeting your passion, and landing the job you love!

Here’s a few nuggets:

“Be targeted and persistent…

There is a magic, when people come in and are looking for work in a specific company. (If you’ll excuse the analogy), it’s a little bit like if somebody says ‘Hey I’m just looking for a date’.    Most people aren’t very interested in that, most people want someone who’s interested in them. Businesses are the same way. People want someone who’s focused on their business’…

Find a place that you’re really hot for…

The passion it’s palpable, you can feel it,

…and when people have that passion and they really want to work somewhere, the chances of you getting that job increase dramatically. So taking the time up front, to look around for the right thing, that’s going to make a bigger difference … than sending out a 100 resumes.”

** If you’re short on time wizz through to 3 mins in **

I second that. I’ve often gone into interviews armed with research about the company, and even the interviewer. It definitely helps to handpick who you really want to work for! And be ready to explain WHY you really really want to work for your chosen company. (Also helps to look them straight in the eyes and reinforce that point just before you shake hands and walk out the door).

And what another great point from Tim:  ‘if you love the work you do, it radiates out to the rest of your life’.

The best of luck. Leave a comment if you can. Would love to hear how you’re getting on (we’ve all been there, and some of us still are).



(Founder, Enlighten Me…)

Follow Your Heart [video]

A few words of encouragement on

Following Your Heart…

❤ ❤ ❤

‘Best of British’ Gifts: Jewellery from ‘The Silver Shed’

The World's Best Gifts


Today the sun was shining on the Frome Artisan market in Somerset, England…

…and I felt inspired to shine a light on one of the warmest, friendliest and sweetest, English artisan jewellers I’ve met: Gemma of  ‘The Silver Shed’…  

Gemma jeweller credit

At first glance, this stall really jumped out at me  because  1). the beautiful way the stall was displayed, (such as the shabby chic glamorous white mirror, the bunny bowl centre table, and retro cases) and 2). the silver engraved words.  My attention was also caught because the vision for my own brand  (‘Enlighten Me…’®) extends to jewellery with uplifting, enlightening messages.   So I’m always on the lookout for jewellers who can engrave words for me in the future.


And then at a closer look,  I was really struck by just how much devotion, ingenuity and resourcefulness goes into Gemma’s work. Her folk-inspired pieces are absolute gems. I learned…

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Life Lessons from funny man – Jim Carrey


and planting a few seeds in this Commencement Speech, e.g:

“So many of us choose our path based on Fear, disguised as Practicality”. …”You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might aswell take a chance at doing what you love”.

“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world”.

He’ll entertain and enlighten you at the same time.


TODAYS SIGN POST: Follow Your Dreams

 Follow Your Dreams

To put a spring in your step today! 

PIC: Taken in Bath area, Somerset, England 

And a little more to read on this subject:


Life Purpose, crisis & new beginnings

When we’re at a cross road or crisis point, it’s a good time to reassess our life purpose. In fact, it’s a ‘window of opportunity’  to consider: What will truly bring meaning and fulfilment? What do I really want to do with my life? And how can I  contribute to the bigger picture – and make a difference in the world? The window of opportunity is known as a ‘Choice Point’, also the title of an inspirational documentary film…

Here’s some tasters:

Entrepreneur Harry Massey, the Founder and Director of ‘Choice Point’, has a 3 part theory for finding your ‘life purpose’:

1. Understand your world (your skills, passions and the needs of the world)

2. Align Your Purpose (with something bigger than yourself)

3. Be the Change (that you want to see in the world)… just like Gandhi said.

…And to make choices from the ‘Power of Love’ (as opposed to the love of power)!

I hope the videos offer a little reflection and inspiration. The trailer and full film can be viewed at Harry’s site: Lovely entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and author Jack Canfield (‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’) feature in the film.

x : ) Myfanwy

(I was a ‘Producer for hire’ on the film & the above vids)

Passion & Creative Inspiration

Hi there,

Here’s a short documentary film to energise and inspire you…

This is ‘Momentum’ – an award-winning short directed by Boris Seewald.  The film really draws you in, builds up energy and momentum and about 2 minutes in… just takes off!,

I don’t know about you but it makes me just want to get up from the computer and dance!

Q: Can you enlighten me…

What makes you feel free? What’s your passion?

What energises you? Inspires you? Keeps you in the moment?

For me it’s writing, typing up ideas, creating things, and before I know it, it’s 3am!

🙂 Myfanwy, Enlighten Me…TV

** Sending  you sparks of inspiration and enlightenment…**


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