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‘Best of British’ Gifts: Jewellery from ‘The Silver Shed’

The World's Best Gifts


Today the sun was shining on the Frome Artisan market in Somerset, England…

…and I felt inspired to shine a light on one of the warmest, friendliest and sweetest, English artisan jewellers I’ve met: Gemma of  ‘The Silver Shed’…  

Gemma jeweller credit

At first glance, this stall really jumped out at me  because  1). the beautiful way the stall was displayed, (such as the shabby chic glamorous white mirror, the bunny bowl centre table, and retro cases) and 2). the silver engraved words.  My attention was also caught because the vision for my own brand  (‘Enlighten Me…’®) extends to jewellery with uplifting, enlightening messages.   So I’m always on the lookout for jewellers who can engrave words for me in the future.


And then at a closer look,  I was really struck by just how much devotion, ingenuity and resourcefulness goes into Gemma’s work. Her folk-inspired pieces are absolute gems. I learned…

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Art Therapy Studio

A sanctuary for creativity and healing…

heart ♥ my space

Michelle Krieg

It’s a cold day, pouring with rain and I make my way to the Adelaide hills to meet Michelle.  As soon as I meet Michelle, I am taken by her warm smile and welcoming manner. She shows me around her home and we talk about life, love and family. She is the type of person you meet whom you feel you’ve known all of your life.

Michelle was born in Adelaide but spent six years of her childhood in the highlands of Papua New Guinea where her father was a doctor. It doesn’t surprise me when she tells me that she has lifelong friends from her time in PNG and a mountain of fond memories.  The next three years were spent in England and then it was time to settle back in Australia.

Following high school, teaching was Michelle’s calling and she has been doing this since 1993. …

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Finding inspiration in nature

Nature is such a gift. And truly amazing…

This composer saw a photo of birds on wires in the newspaper, and decided to play the notes according to their positions. This is the composition with the melody.

The tune made my heart smile…

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Enlighten Me…TV

TODAYS SIGN POST: Follow Your Dreams

 Follow Your Dreams

To put a spring in your step today! 

PIC: Taken in Bath area, Somerset, England 

And a little more to read on this subject:


Passion & Creative Inspiration

Hi there,

Here’s a short documentary film to energise and inspire you…

This is ‘Momentum’ – an award-winning short directed by Boris Seewald.  The film really draws you in, builds up energy and momentum and about 2 minutes in… just takes off!,

I don’t know about you but it makes me just want to get up from the computer and dance!

Q: Can you enlighten me…

What makes you feel free? What’s your passion?

What energises you? Inspires you? Keeps you in the moment?

For me it’s writing, typing up ideas, creating things, and before I know it, it’s 3am!

🙂 Myfanwy, Enlighten Me…TV

** Sending  you sparks of inspiration and enlightenment…**


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