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TODAYS SIGN POST: Follow Your Dreams

 Follow Your Dreams

To put a spring in your step today! 

PIC: Taken in Bath area, Somerset, England 

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The Moments that Matter

Enlighten Me...TV

For a fresh perspective, take a look at life’s precious moments..

‘Small Pleasures’ is an absolutely beautiful film by Constantin Pilavios. I give it 5 *****

‘Enlighten Me… TV’ are curating, aswell as planning to produce meaningful, heart-warming films like this.

🙂 Myf

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PERSPECTIVE – It’s easy to overlook things and live on automatic pilot in the busy routine of day to day life…

Food for thought in this well crafted short film ‘This is Water’ based on a College Commencement address by David Foster Wallace…. Life advice from someone who’s no longer with us. Hollywood has just begun on the feature of his life story, starring funny man Jason Segel.

What do you pay attention to?

You’re soooo Good Enough!


Ever feel unappreciated? Not good enough? If only there was someone always telling us how awesome we are, like in this film “Validation”.

A reminder to see the best in others, and our ourselves.
A sure way to spread the 🙂

Today’s Signpost…

Love yourself

…Chalked up by a 10 year old little angel (a friend’s daughter). I asked her to write ‘Be Kind to Yourself’, but this is what she wrote instead!

Even the most confident people I’ve met have self doubts and judge themselves. Self worth is the foundation for everything…Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to value ourselves, and treat ourselves with kindness.

PIC: my homeland, among the Gumtrees of Adelaide Hills, South Australia

x Myfanwy

‘Enlighten Me…TV’

Keep Calm and…

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