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Life Lessons from Reese Witherspoon

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In this video Reese Witherspoon, star of new film WILD, talks starting over, believing in yourself, self esteem, grief, loss, letting go, and letting it all out. And even, how we sometimes repress and take on the emotions of others.

An enlightening and touching interview from “60 Minutes” about her life journey, including taking her career back into her own hands, taking a stand for women, and working on projects that really matter:

Do you relate to any of her emotional experiences? Have you seen her latest film WILD?


Happy Valentine’s Day. Single?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you or someone you know is Single, this video offers some reassuring tips on how to spend the evening… 

{Produced by Enlighten Me…TV]

And if you are going out dating, check out this video on Looking For Love and here for more dating tips.

(And as for keeping the love and passion alive in an existing relationship, those videos are in the works and on the search:) )

What ever you do today, may you feel loved up.


Looking For Love [3 min Video]

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Here’s beautiful British love coach, Cate MacKenzie with some Dating Tips for anyone looking for love.

E.g Are you sending out the right signals?

If you’re already loved up,  perhaps you know someone who’s single that might find these techniques useful…

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Patience. Some things just take time…


If the lady in your life doesn’t quite understand how you’re feeling, whether it’s moving on after divorce/ a past relationship, job loss, or healing from health challenges, [including stress], or if you’ve just had a bad day, try playing this ‘Take That’ song…

Sometimes all that’s needed is a little patience…

BBC Radio ran a special show today on the healing power of music and this was one of the tunes featured on the list.

This song is also a great reminder to not be so hard on ourselves.

Sometimes, things just take time.


Can you enlighten me… do you have an inspirational story where patience paid off? 

Is there any music you play that helps you get through tough times? 

Dumped? The Fast Track Guide To Getting Over It

A few words of experience by Paul Thomas Bell on moving on after heartbreak…

Looking for Love

Dating and flirting can be a real skill. Here’s the beautiful British Love Coach Cate Mackenzie with some dating tips especially for MEN…

(although equally good for everyone)


Resolving Conflict in Relationships


Life Lesson: An issue or request from a partner may seem trivial and insignificant to us, but if it’s important to them, then it needs prioritising as important in the relationship.

Nice one The Jeff Yalden Show

Q: Can you Enlighten Me… What have you learned about what’s important to your no. 1?


Wise Words from Mother Teresa

Wise Words from Mother Teresa

PS. Unique Chocolate treats with inspiring messages can be found here:



(note that the sun is in the shape of a heart!)

How our upbringing affects relationships

Here is an ‘Enlighten Me…TV’ interview with Dr Menis Yousry;  who has helped over 30,000 people to find peace and harmony within their families and relationships.

Menis is a family therapist and runs a life-transforming course around the world called ‘Essence’:

So, how does our upbringing affect our love relationships?…

Some enlightening and insightful thoughts from Menis, including…

Many people subconsciously either a) copy their parents or b) try and become the exact opposite of them. Worth knowing because some of us go to great lengths to do this, which can hinder our life path and our own love relationships.

The video was self shot in London.

🙂 Myfanwy

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