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Life Purpose, crisis & new beginnings

When we’re at a cross road or crisis point, it’s a good time to reassess our life purpose. In fact, it’s a ‘window of opportunity’  to consider: What will truly bring meaning and fulfilment? What do I really want to do with my life? And how can I  contribute to the bigger picture – and make a difference in the world? The window of opportunity is known as a ‘Choice Point’, also the title of an inspirational documentary film…

Here’s some tasters:

Entrepreneur Harry Massey, the Founder and Director of ‘Choice Point’, has a 3 part theory for finding your ‘life purpose’:

1. Understand your world (your skills, passions and the needs of the world)

2. Align Your Purpose (with something bigger than yourself)

3. Be the Change (that you want to see in the world)… just like Gandhi said.

…And to make choices from the ‘Power of Love’ (as opposed to the love of power)!

I hope the videos offer a little reflection and inspiration. The trailer and full film can be viewed at Harry’s site: Lovely entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and author Jack Canfield (‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’) feature in the film.

x : ) Myfanwy

(I was a ‘Producer for hire’ on the film & the above vids)

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