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Lessons in Forgiveness

Forgiving others can be an absolute challenge. So sometimes we need to know it’s possible. When you need inspiration, look to Nelson Mandela. If you haven’t already seen it, check out this powerful film on his life. If Mandela could forgive and move on. So can we.

‘Mandela – The Long Walk to Freedom’ shows that revenge does not work, that there is power in numbers, and it was Nelson Mandela’s powerful (and peaceful) negotiation skills that were key to bringing about change. This film is so beautifully and perfectly crafted in every way. It teaches the impact and injustice of such horrid supremacy and oppression, and takes you into the life and heart of such a strong, gentle and selfless role model.

Mandela is mandatory viewing in my view.

– Myfanwy, (Enlighten Me…)

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