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Looking for Work? [7 min video]

Hi there,

Are you looking for work?

Well, the wisdom in the following 7 minutes might make all the difference…

Enlightened Entrepreneur, Tim Fargo, in his video blog below, offers you some vital life lessons on how to find a job by targeting your passion, and landing the job you love!

Here’s a few nuggets:

“Be targeted and persistent…

There is a magic, when people come in and are looking for work in a specific company. (If you’ll excuse the analogy), it’s a little bit like if somebody says ‘Hey I’m just looking for a date’.    Most people aren’t very interested in that, most people want someone who’s interested in them. Businesses are the same way. People want someone who’s focused on their business’…

Find a place that you’re really hot for…

The passion it’s palpable, you can feel it,

…and when people have that passion and they really want to work somewhere, the chances of you getting that job increase dramatically. So taking the time up front, to look around for the right thing, that’s going to make a bigger difference … than sending out a 100 resumes.”

** If you’re short on time wizz through to 3 mins in **

I second that. I’ve often gone into interviews armed with research about the company, and even the interviewer. It definitely helps to handpick who you really want to work for! And be ready to explain WHY you really really want to work for your chosen company. (Also helps to look them straight in the eyes and reinforce that point just before you shake hands and walk out the door).

And what another great point from Tim:  ‘if you love the work you do, it radiates out to the rest of your life’.

The best of luck. Leave a comment if you can. Would love to hear how you’re getting on (we’ve all been there, and some of us still are).



(Founder, Enlighten Me…)

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