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Dealing with ‘haters’ [2 min Video]

Hi there,

Can you enlighten me…? How do we deal with difficult people and the haters and bullies of the world?

Taylor Swift sings:

“And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I’m just gonna ….   shake it off”

But it’s not always that easy to just shake it off is it? Here’s Rapper and spoken word artist Prince Ea, with some enlightening ideas on how to deal with, and perceive, ‘haters’.

Really sound advice…


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You’re soooo Good Enough!


Ever feel unappreciated? Not good enough? If only there was someone always telling us how awesome we are, like in this film “Validation”.

A reminder to see the best in others, and our ourselves.
A sure way to spread the 🙂

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