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Life Lessons from Reese Witherspoon

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In this video Reese Witherspoon, star of new film WILD, talks starting over, believing in yourself, self esteem, grief, loss, letting go, and letting it all out. And even, how we sometimes repress and take on the emotions of others.

An enlightening and touching interview from “60 Minutes” about her life journey, including taking her career back into her own hands, taking a stand for women, and working on projects that really matter:

Do you relate to any of her emotional experiences? Have you seen her latest film WILD?


3 minute film for Sunday reflection

A poignant little 3 minute film, ideal for a Sunday reflecting on the bigger picture¬†of life.¬†Beautifully directed, shot and narrated. The kind of film quality Enlighten Me…TV also plans to Produce/ Exec and Commission, (beyond ‘how to’s) once funding and sponsorship is on board.

Directed by Camille Marotte.

Life: Make every moment count. Make it matter. Make it loving.

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