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Conversations on Racism & Peaceful Change

John Lennon once said this about Peace…

“If someone thinks Love and Peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60’s, that’s his problem….Love & Peace are eternal.

– John Lennon

[Enlighten Me]:/ On Racism

Since the #BLM protests,  many people are wanting to listen, learn and find out more about the realities of racism and what they can do to help create real change, peacefully.

As Enlighten Me…TV supports young people and is interested in hearing from the future generation, we reached out to High school Graduate, Ryan Staples, 17, who led a Peaceful Protest with approximately 2500 people in his community in Missouri, US.

Ryan is a beautiful example of living out one of his favorite quotes by Gandhi: “Be the Change You Want to See in the world.”

Here’s a little taster clip of that heart to heart…

Listen to the whole interview on the youtube and the podcast:  .


Enlighten Me…® TV


[VIDEO]:The Fountain of Youth


Is it possible to feel younger as we get older? Well, for jewellery designer and business man Jerry, from Boulder, Colorado, it certainly feels that way.

He decided to slow down life and find more work/ life balance. And as a result, has made many new discoveries, enhanced his relationships, and found more happiness.

Maybe there really is a fountain of youth, and what a beautiful place to hear about it; at the magical old ‘Chalice Well‘ in Glastonbury, England…

Watch the video here



[VIDEO]: 2 minutes of Calm

You know that relaxing, tingling feeling you get during a massage, or leaning back for a gentle shampoo at your hairdresser’s, or when someone whispers softly in your ear? …

Well, here’s 2 minutes of that…

A real Balm of Calm..



A moment of calm…

Hi there

Here’s a soothing, contemplative short film featuring the wisdom of Nobel Prize nominee, Thich Nhat Hanh, a buddhist monk, poet, author and beacon of peace…

with beautiful camera-work and music by Wisdom Films.

A little snapshot from swimming with dolphins in my hometown Adelaide, South Australia a few weeks ago.


Sending you virtual rays of sunshine, where-ever you are, who ever you are.



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