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Sleep well – with a clear conscience

clear conscience

Hello lovely people,

I was on my country walk in Somerset, England and discovered someone was so kind as to put this sofa out for a pitstop!! 🙂 Very comfy, and a nice spot to reflect on life, and enjoy the view.

Shortly afterwards a French proverb really jumped out at me. I had just been thinking how I do sink into a soft pillow each night with a good feeling – because of a clear conscience, knowing I’ve done all I can to do my best.

We can’t be responsible for how others treat us, we can only be responsible for ourselves, our own actions and words…and our own conscience!  If someone says something nasty or rude, we don’t have to retaliate. We can say and do what feels right for us, and go to sleep at night knowing we did our best.

Best wishes,


(PS, Granted, that whoever dumped it, might not have a clear conscience!!)

Wise Words from Mother Teresa

Wise Words from Mother Teresa

PS. Unique Chocolate treats with inspiring messages can be found here:



(note that the sun is in the shape of a heart!)

TODAYS SIGN POST: Follow Your Dreams

 Follow Your Dreams

To put a spring in your step today! 

PIC: Taken in Bath area, Somerset, England 

And a little more to read on this subject:


A little snapshot from swimming with dolphins in my hometown Adelaide, South Australia a few weeks ago.


Sending you virtual rays of sunshine, where-ever you are, who ever you are.



Today’s Signpost…

Love yourself

…Chalked up by a 10 year old little angel (a friend’s daughter). I asked her to write ‘Be Kind to Yourself’, but this is what she wrote instead!

Even the most confident people I’ve met have self doubts and judge themselves. Self worth is the foundation for everything…Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to value ourselves, and treat ourselves with kindness.

PIC: my homeland, among the Gumtrees of Adelaide Hills, South Australia

x Myfanwy

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