Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Dreams final

Follow Your Heart – Right From the Start

By Myfanwy Marshall

Imagine a happy workforce where everyone Followed their Heart – Right from the Start.

So many people I’ve interviewed lately say they were unhappy in their careers for most of their adult life. When they make their initial career choice, they listen to their head, get side tracked or lack direction. They put on a happy facade for the world around them, but for years their inner world suffers. They feel empty and unfulfilled, or even numb. Then one day, they remember what it was they used to love doing as a kid. It’s often something they dismissed, like sketching or writing. But “I didn’t feel I was ‘good enough’,”  they say. Yet for those now happily making a good living at their old childhood passions –  the thing they were ‘too scared to do’ because they feared the world might reject them for it – has ended up being the thing the world loves them for the most!

Because they’re finally being true to themselves –  and valuing who they are and what they truly love to do.

We can help steer the future generation so they don’t have to repeat the cycle of wasting years feeling unhappy or unfulfilled. Not to mention the risk of making a ‘half hearted’ contribution to society. The twists and turns of finding our way in life can be an adventure in itself, but it is also possible to take the fast track to fulfilment.

The Life Lesson reads loud and clear:

Bypass the obstacle race and the detours.

Go straight for what you love.

Get on the path signposted ‘Follow Your Heart’. 

1. Schools, communities and families can help by monitoring, acknowledging and encouraging children’s natural innate talents and strengths –  from the outset. Aside from the curriculum, give them room to play and time to find their own way. And make it a priority to really listen, observe, and then nurture their potential right through their journey to adulthood.

Add to that, a few life skills: a boost of self worth and guidance in inventive, proactive ways of making their own opportunities in today’s challenging job market, and they’ll really be on their way.  Business leaders can really share their wisdom here.

2. While ‘Grown ups’ looking for a fresh start can take a first step to getting on track, by taking a peek, perhaps a deep look, into their heart – and Remember. It’s never too late to reignite a passion.  And as for feeling ‘good enough’, many say the self worth really came, once they took that first step of following their passion.  Meanwhile, everybody can commit to supporting and encouraging each other to uncover and develop their innate talents and skills – perhaps left behind as childhood hobbies or daydreams. And remember, what we do for others, we need to do for ourselves. It’s so easy to compliment someone else’s talents, and see another’s full potential, but often we can’t see it in our own endeavours.  Listen out for every bit of positive feedback telling you what your strengths and natural ‘gifts’ are – and take it to heart.

Amazing how a daily dose of encouragement can foster self belief and inspire action. And consequently a more productive, happier society for all.

I say to students:

Do what you love from the start. 

Do what you’re good at.  

And the world (and you) will love you for it.


– Myfanwy Marshall © 2013

Fan of Life-Skills Education.



PIC: me meeting Author Jack Canfield(Chicken Soup for the Soul) :

Jack Canfield


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